Our goal is optimal wellness through personal empowerment, education, creating new habits, and a metamorphosis of the BodyMind utilizing individualized integrated medicine


Enhance longevity and anti-aging, through lifestyle alteration to be the best we can feel, be and do. Combining biological, functional and preventive medicine with the synergism of manual and energetic arts of healing. Tailoring a program to your unique epigenetics, metabolic type, age, activity level, stressors, sensitivity level, personal and ancestral history, various traumas, surgeries, seasonal/weather changes, including current symptoms & challenges.

As form follows function, each focused treatment assists in the transformation and integration of BodyMind, resetting our compass. True wellness care builds upon the work we have done and stepping us up to a new level of functioning.  Every choice under a person’s sphere of influence matters, increasing or reducing every facet of this precious life & the time we share on planet Earth.

All “dis-ease” has components and causative factors that are under our influence and control. As a highly functional person, we have many daily choices that affect our quality of life and health. What we drink, what we eat, when, where, the quantity of food, the quality of our sleep, our choice of movement or having a sedentary lifestyle, repetitive thought patterns, what we watch and our entertainments, who we spend time with, where we invest our time, utilization/infatuation of technologies, our work, career, & alignment with our true selves. These choices strongly impact our body, health, and the function of our mind. Our studies, interests, passions, fun, movement, joy and love of life, all add to or subtract from the quality of life and our health we experience.
​This web site is informational and not a substitute for excellent medical care, so ask that great Doctor of yours about transformational diet, lifestyle & movement choice.