Naturopathic Endocrinology​

The incorporation of Naturopathic Endocrinology into my practice has provided
me with additional complex tools and another way to view the BodyMind.


Balancing hormones, neurotransmitters, and amino acids, to enhance brain wellness and MindBody regulation, brings a strong foundation that has helped many patients to find the strength, energy, and calmness they need to live well, improved cognitive awareness and inner resourcefulness. Amino acids are derived from digested proteins and form the foundation for neurotransmitters that simulate and inhibit the secretion of all our hormones. Amino acids influence the symbiosis and balance of every cellular function and dictate the health of our terrain.

As we incorporate a healthy diet, specific supplementation, healthful lifestyle choices, individualized treatments plans for the entire BodyMind which address issues affecting the thyroid, adrenals, blood sugar imbalances (both diabetic and hypoglycemia), acute & chronic pain, inflammation, infection, anxiety, depression, cognitive decline, insomnia, chronic fatigue, digestive problems, reduced physical and sexual performance, and many other facets of the “dis-ease” & aging process.
I recently interpreted the blood work of a patient, who received the good job check mark from his MD; I noted his blood sugar was 3 points away from being diabetic. There were actions to be taken! Shocked, he called his MD about this, his response was “There is nothing I can do about this now, but when your blood sugar elevates into the zone for diabetes, I have a drug for you!” Currently his blood sugar markers have gone down and balance is restored because he took effective action. The markers are now far from the diabetic diagnosis. There were various stressful events & dietary indiscretions that preceded his blood sugar elevation. The events in our lives affect our health as well as our choices. Through his new resourcefulness, targeted treatment, supplementation, lifestyle modifications, his blood sugar is optimal again, without pharmaceutical drugs! The significance of yearly blood work is extremely important, and having your Doctor look at optimal levels and problematic areas, being proactive on the front end, not just when the blood work is out of “normal” ranges.

The goal of the Naturopathic Endocrinology is to thoroughly evaluate the contributing factors, toxicity, and epigenetics of our body, family, culture and ancestry. Epigenetics looks to the ability to turn off and on the genetic expression of our genes, by altering the DNA’s replication without changing our DNA. This alteration is shown to impact structures such as Methyl Groups (a Carbon with 3 Hydrogen atoms) attaching to DNA affecting its transcription and expression. Behavioral epigenetics, mind & emotions, demonstrates the impact of the ancestors and our life experiences, choices, thoughts, beliefs, infections, environmental exposure, toxins, nutrient pathways, and nutrient availability.  Evaluating our posturing (the pattern of how our body responds to challenges, illness, stress, infection, etc…) and creating a comprehensive corrective strategy that assists us in counterbalancing the inherent deficits that contribute to imbalance and dis-ease. Foot on the gas, foot on the brakes, or foot on the gas and no brakes, also no gas with foot on the brakes, each scenario requires a specific treatment plan. The weak link, chink in the amour, our maladaptation is where the body does the best it can with the resources it has. By performing specific, comprehensive lab analysis, and looking to optimal values (not just normal values derived from our unhealthy population), the goal is the revitalization of compromised body physiology, psychology and function. As form follows function and function follows form, looking to hormones – levels & ratios, neurotransmitter and amino acid levels, comprehensive blood analysis (organ function, inflammation, infections, reserves, metabolic direction and tendencies, self-manifestation of latent dysfunction waiting to be expressed), the posturing and patterns reveal the corrective course of action. Such as a tired, fatigued individual who is not eating well, experiences a stressor and a condition manifests that is the proverbial last straw that breaks the camels back. At one of my acupuncture trainings a man presented, who was allergic to everything (even water), this condition manifested itself after several years of chemical fertilizers and pesticides applied to his perfect lawn and garden, while wearing just shorts and flip flops. Once exposed, you can’t take it back, we must figure out and understand what the problem is, the “cause and effect”, what our resources are and what to do about it.

During my varied trainings, some methods of treatment say that we can do anything we want, whenever we want, as much as we want, having adopted the western view and just come in for regular treatments is all that is needed. I have not found this to be the case.

  • What kind of health do you want?
  • How do you want to age?
  • What if you knew you could make changes in your life and lifestyle that would enhance the quality of your life?

All of our choices affect both the quality and quantity of this journey we call life. We have the power of choice, intent & direction of our compass.

We come into this life through our mother with the contribution of our father. This creates the essence of who we are, our genetic, ancestral foundation and reserves are set. From this starting point of our BodyMind we have a set amount of Qi, with our choices we either add to or subtract from our prenatal reserves. In Chinese medicine there is a saying about the Qi energy of the parents creating the Qi repository of the child. This posturing and patterning strongly influences the temperament, desires, likes and dislikes, mental development, growth, puberty, aging process, and all the expressions of who we are. Some of the women in my practice started turning gray in there 20’s and have been coloring their hair ever since. This is a sign of Kidney Qi deficiency, compounded by the toxicity of hair coloring that expedites the aging process, complicates the detoxification process, lowers our reservoirs of energy reserves from our ancestors and is a symptom of a much deeper problem/challenge. What we consider normal in our lives are signs of internal processes affecting our BodyMind. Societal habits and customs such as lipstick, nail polish, perfume, soaps, crèmes, dry cleaning chemicals, cleaning solutions, contribute over 5 pounds of toxic debris to the average females’ body in just ONE year! These compounds dysregulate our bodies normal function and show up as ridges in the finger nails, slow growing hair, nails, premature graying of the hair, loss of hair, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, needing glasses at an earlier age, diabetes, obesity, acne, cancer, and so many increasing modern maladies that plague our society.

Are we using all the food in the pantry and not replenishing it? We must restore our reserves with more alone/quiet time, deeper/longer sleep, regular meals, snacks, and eat with the seasons, slow down, meditate, prayer time, change our sources of entertainment/infotainment, unplug, check in and reflect on who we are and where we are going.