Multi-Generational Epigenetics​

We must make choices and act with deliberate intentions. Healthy lifestyle, nutrient dense diet, supplementation, and other personal choices, so that we can have a full & rich life, creating a future generation that is healthier than we are. 

I have observed the higher potential expression of who we can be, and I have witnessed the learned behavior, easier way out and the consequences of convenience, fast food, nutrient depletion, eating for comfort, inactivity, overstimulation, being “on” all the time, the 24/7 lifestyle. It is not just convenient, it’s potentially deadly and a short or long road to chronic illness, pain, & dis-ease. This we can count on, especially as we age. Compounded by sleep deprivation, and hormone dysregulation of the parents and their compromised children. These epigenetics drive our chemistry, how we look, similar familial mannerisms, and how we have learned to survive. This is in part due to habituated behaviors – how we were taught to live our life, what our family & friends’ habits are, multiplied by the marketing and advertisers directing our choices. We are compelled to desire things (thinking we have free will and want that thing), TV, Internet, social media, all telling us this is good & the other thing is undesirable.  For instance, soda is better than an apple, a calorie is just a calorie (not!) and that sugar is good for you and won’t contribute to being diabetic, obese, inflamed, malnourished, sticky blood, chronic disease, cancer and the other conditions that plague our society.

​To understand the power of this choice and causality, we need to take a long slow deep breath in & out, then check in with ourselves. Why am I doing this? Do I need to be doing this, why am I buying this, eating this? Then see how we actually feel, take an inventory of our lives, happiness, quality of life, health of our BodyMind, and reorient our compass to the deliberate design of the rest of our life that we are co-creating every moment.


Being in the presence of someone who has great self-care, is vibrant, alive, not talking about the symptoms of aging, lack of memory & brain function, recent medical procedures, emotional instability, who did what to who, and of desperation. It is inspiring to look for empowering questions, answers, & taking new actions. This is a pleasure and will create a ripple of change in our society and is wonderfully liberating. One of self-cultivation, reflection, responsibility, transformation and mastery. Living a life worth living and enjoying to its fullest.

Every choice, thought, entertainment, where our time is invested, diet, supplementation, sleep, movement, word and actions can change our terrain, enhancing the expression of our genes, make us better people, and mold the future of humankind.