Energetic Medicine

Energetic medicine has been practiced on planet earth for several thousand years. Working with the Chi, Qi, Ki, Prana, and life force, acupuncture & moxabustion are one of the oldest forms of medicine that have been cultivated for the use of health & healing in China, Japan, and Korea. These healing arts have been shared with America, Europe, and… thankfully the rest of the world. 

Integration through the observation and influence of nature, change of seasons, weather patterns, the human bodies age (it’s not the years, it’s the mileage), gender, epigenetics, repetitive emotions, food energetics & flavors, spices, our personal diet, thoughts, activities, hobbies, injuries & trauma’s effecting the totality of the BodyMind. Each organ system/element has its own season, body tissue, paired organ, sense organ, orifice, time of day, direction, flavor, color, sound, emotion, fluid secretion, smell, dietary tendencies, and environmental exposure. As an example, the Liver’s activation & influences include springtime, muscles & tendons, Gallbladder is the paired organ, eyes are the sense organ & orifice, circadian time is 1-3am, direction is east, sour flavor, green color, shouting sounds, assertiveness & anger, fluids are tears, smell is sour & sweet, wheat & chicken are the foods, whether craving, aversion, or allergy, and wind is the environmental factor that stimulate the liver. I had a patient who had cluster headaches and his pain was worse in the springtime. The pain clinic he went to had more people with pain during this time and they didn’t understand why this could be. In the spring time, after a quiet dormant winter respite, the Chi rises up like the green growth around us and in our bodies the energy becomes active rising to the head. When the body is imbalanced and/or has stagnation, thickness & internal pressures, pain and dysfunction present as a symptom.

Meridian Therapy

The basic principle of the physiology of Meridian Therapy is that Chi, Blood & Body Fluids circulate through the meridians. The Chi moves the blood and fluids so the body can nourish tissues, muscles, organs, all of the BodyMind, and the totality of our being. We also have ancestral Chi that has been transmitted through our lineage, DNA, epigenetics, survival of the fittest and those ancestors who could meet and adapt to life and natures continually changing challenges. As we evaluate the production of Chi, Blood and Body Fluids and their circulation through the body we have many resources at our command. Utilizing the potential of the 26 main and extraordinary meridians, and the points on those meridians, plus extra points, Ashi or tender points, provide additional balance to the foundation of the BodyMind. Meridian therapy redirects the excessive Chi and supports the deficient Chi; a new equilibrium is established, assisting and supporting healing, restoration, well-being, calming, energizing, and rebuilding the reserves of the BodyMind. Over Two Millennia of documentation of this transformational medicine of wellness care & treatment of the “dis-ease” processes, supported by our integrated lifestyle & wellness program encourages the restoration of the form and function of the BodyMind. I have witnessed the resolution of health challenges, reduction & softening of stagnation & spasms, increased range of motion (ROM), decreased pain, increased reserves and facilitation of that which matters most, our resourced self.

When we look to the Chi in our food, chewing very well is as important as is the source of our food and its varied qualities; warming & cooling, expanding & contracting, moisturizing & drying, also how we cook, grill, bake, stir-fry, steam, raw, etc… all effect the organs supporting or undermining quality of life & our health. “Variety is the spice of life!” It is common when meeting a new patient that they tend to eat the same foods. For instance chicken breast as the sole source of protein. The problem with this is that you get the same energetics, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, toxins, and increased food allergies from eating a mono focused diet. Too much of a good thing can become a “bad” thing. Eating a wide variety of grass fed and wild caught proteins; beef, buffalo, elk, goat, lamb, deer, pork, chicken, turkey, cornish game hen, fish, we supply our body with a variety of amino acids, vitamins, fats, and energetics. Eating a variety of vegetables, seeds, nuts, spices, fruits (in moderation), non-gluten grains (in moderation), fats (olive, coconut oils, goat or water buffalo butter) etc…. If we are getting some toxicity from our food sources, we diminish the effects by not eating the same thing every day. This also creates more excitement and the enjoyment of eating for wellness and pleasure. We have new recipe night every week, where we try a new recipe, plan and shop for it, create it and if we like it, this meal is rotated into our diverse meal plan. Offering the health benefits we all desire and expanding the palate at the same time.


Other health promoting activities effecting the Chi, are bedtime 9pm to 3am (the most rejuvenative time for sleep), 8-9 hours of quality sleep, time spent in nature, fresh good clean air, Tai Chi, Yoga, Pulsed Interval Training  & mindful movement, decreased EMF exposure, quiet time and self-reflection. All are essential components of our energetic well-being adding to the quality and quantity of our lives. Repetitive thought patterns, conditioned thinking, the music we listen to, TV & movies we watch and how much, the computer & PDA screen time all impact (+/-) our endocrinology, psychology, physiology, and production & circulation of Chi, Blood, and body fluids.